EyePCL Aspheric

Better than the best for the most superior quality of Vision Correction.

The EyePCL (Implantable Phakic Contact Lens) is manufactured with Advanced Hybrid Hydrophylic Material first time in the world. It is created by Intra Ocular Care Pvt. Ltd., Care Group India, which has been providing improved quality of vision.

The Proven track record of the EyePCL (Implantable Phakic Contact lens) provides:
• Improved quality of eye vision with sharper and clear image.
• Utmost patient satisfaction.
• Remarkably short and painless recovery.
• Pleasant Surprise which you will notice instantly, see it & experience it.

EyePCL is the preferred eye vision correction medical intervention procedure for patients who strive for the best. This medical intervention procedure is performed with highest level of expertise & by maintaining needed high safety standards to give best results in performance.