What is EyePCL?


Implantable Phakic contact Lens (EyePCL) is like a soft contact lens, single piece posterior chamber phakic iol, which can be inserted into the eye through sub 2.8mm incision to correct vision of the eye.

The lens is customized according to shape & size of each eye.

Widest power range from +15D to -30D with cyl upto 8D.

Made from Hybrid Acrylic material to ensure long term performance.

The EyePCL lens is implanted inside the eye, between the Iris and the natural lens. It can be inserted into the eye
through sub 2.8 mm incision, to correct spherical, cylindrical or mixed errors within the eye’s optical system.

Once implanted in the eye, the EyePCL stays indefinitely. It can be replaced or removed from the eye, if your
vision changes over a period of time.