Why EyePCL


Transition from Contact Lenses,Spectacles & Lasik

  • Are Contact Lenses & Spectacles, a constant hassle to handle and maintain, along with an expense burden?
  • Are you finding it awkward to wear and remove your contact lenses daily?
  • Do you constantly need to hydrate your eyes with eye drops?
  • Is finding a replacement of your contact lenses a difficulty?
  • Have you ever misplaced or broken your contact lenses?

Stop worrying!

“Meet all the challenges of life with a better perception, eliminating the hassles of Contact Lenses and Spectacles with – Implantable Phakic Contact Lens (EyePCL)

EyePCL Advantage
“A Vision with a new Horizon”

Since yesteryears, the only method of permanent vision correction was corrective laser eye surgery. With the advent of EyePCL, things have changed. Now you can enjoy, a well defined vision correction, that’s sharper, cleaner, more vivid and has greater depth and dimension – All in a Simple 15 minute OPD medical intervention.

Pleasant Surprise

After a simple 15 minute OPD medical procedure, patients experience immediate improvement in the visual quality and are “Pleasantly Surprised” by the result. In fact the quality of vision achieved is the best among the other eye vision solutions available with your surgeon.

Designed to be Forever but Removable

EyePCL is intended to be permanently placed inside your eye to correct your vision. The most important advantage is, it can be removed or replaced easily, if necessary.

In EyePCL medical intervention procedure no corneal tissue is removed or reshaped, unlike the corrective Lasik procedure whereby healthy corneal tissue is removed permanently.

Minimum Curative Time

The curative time for the EyePCL is quick and pain free. Most patients recover within a day or less, due to very small incision (2.8 mm) required in the surgery. Generally patient’s experience minimal discomfort and can resume their work the next day.

Invisible & Unnoticeable

EyePCL is positioned between the Iris and your natural lens. It is invisible to patient and viewer. The fixed positioning of the EyePCL allows it to work in complete harmony with your normal eye function.

The only way that you or anyone else comes to know its there, is the improvement in your eye sight. You will neither be able to see nor feel the EyePCL, once it is inside your eye.

 UV Protection:

Long term or intense exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can damage your eyes and increases the risk of eye disorders including cataract & other retinal problems. The EyePCL is manufactured with Advanced Hybrid Hydrophilic Material which contains a UV blocker that prevents harmful UV rays from entering the most sensitive part of the eye. Thus preventing the development of UV related eye disorders.

The Flexibility for the Future

When time passes, and we grow older, our vision changes. Everyone will need a cataract surgery. A significant benefit with the EyePCL is that you will have future options available to you, when the time comes.

The EyePCL lens can be removed and replaced if your vision changes significantly. And you can have another procedure at any time.

Superb Long Time Protection

The EyePCL has maintained highest standards of safety compared to other similar procedures. That is why, more and more EyePCL is being recommended and used by the doctors worldwide.